The Synergy Studio Community, 501c3


Our mission:
The mission of The Synergy Studio Community is to offer classes in health and wellness for everybody, providing opportunities for individuals to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. We strive to expand our outreach to public schools, our military, as well as our aging population.

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The Synergy Studio, LLC has been operating as a sole proprietorship under the ownership of Adelle Brownlee Brewer for 15 years. Centrally located, the studio has been a successful enterprise, serving a diverse population that has grown steadily, supporting teachers as well as providing the diverse student base countless opportunities to learn about health and wellness. 

In 2018, We created The Synergy Studio Community, 501c3, as a new non-profit arm of The Synergy Studio, LLC. The studio will continue to function and grow as the foundation for the expanded services of The Synergy Studio Community, 501c3. 

We have had many requests to expand our teaching to local school systems, many of whom are in low-income areas, as well as to our military veterans and retirement communities. We desire to respond to those requests as a formally incorporated non-profit organization, under the name The Synergy Studio Community. In order to provide the needed educational offerings and services, we are creating a donor community of individual contributors, corporations and foundations who will be able to make tax-deductible contributions in support of our programs. Having non-profit status provides us with the framework for success in our outreach.


When you make a gift to The Synergy Studio community you help enable the outreach of health and wellness to the people that need this service within our community.