Amanda Gagliano

HoopDance Instructor

Amanda Gagliano first became inspired to hoop in 2008. She began her self-taught curriculum practicing everyday with her sister's heavyweight hoop. Amanda immersed herself into the hooping community of San Antonio with the help of the HotHooper founder, Shelly McBurnett, and Sasha Zeilig. She also became Hoopnotica certified to teach Hoopdance in 2013 at The Synergy Studio with a vision of continuing the opportunity for others to empower themselves through fun, support, exercise, and personal accomplishment.

HoopDance itself is considered a "flow" exercise to enhance beneficial somatization, healthy symbiotic influences between the mind and the body. It is a course in action-reaction exploration with the versatile prop of a choice: a "hula" hoop. Every hooper has a unique style, and with the encouragement of positivity and great music, you are free to put your own "spin" on the art by unleashing your creative action.

Amanda has bachelor's degrees in anthropology and psychology from The University of Texas at San Antonio, and is currently earning a Master's in anthropology, also at UTSA.


Amanda can be reached at